Thursday, July 19, 2012

Today's Rambling

Nothing new going on my way.  I feel really good, energy level is up, but I AM getting a little cabin fever.  The summer is quickly coming to an end and with school around the corner, I am ready to get into my classroom and "put it together".... only....not this year.  I can't just go in and "dig in".  I am going to have to rely on someone else to move the heavy stuff and THAT, my friends, is a little frustrating.  I am such an independent person.  I also know that it will take a couple of turns and set ups for me to "like" the way my classroom is set up.  (All of my "teacher" friends will understand what I am talking about.  Yes, room set up is VEERY important to us!  ;o)  )

I had the antibody treatment yesterday and tolerated it excellent!  No reaction this time!  YIIPPEEE!!  I also had an MRI done and it looked great!  YAAY!  God is good, people!! 

Head back for round #4 on Monday.  This puts me at the halfway point of chemo at this time.  Yay!  Chemo STINKS!  But God has been so good to me.  Once I am home from the hospital, I feel as much like myself as I can at this point in the game.  My children and family see me up, talking and laughing, and THAT is important! 

Hope yall have a great day! Weekend is around the corner!!



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