Sunday, July 8, 2012

Today is another fantastic day!  I am a little "stiff" from all of the "work" I did yesterday (which DRIVES ME UP. THE. WALL!!!)  I am a pretty active person who apparently has taken a lot for granted in the whole body department. 

Yesterday I woke up fairly early, so by 7:30 a.m. I was ready to do SOOOMETHING/ANYTHING!  You know that feeling??  I think it's called CABIN FEVER!!  ;0)  I had mentioned that I wanted to clean out my clothes/closet so the hubs says:  "I'll help you.  Let's start now!"  I JUMPED at the chance/opportunity for the help and activity!  Needless to say, it. is. SHAMEFUL. at the amount of clothes I have....uh....HAD! All that work though, I didn't think I would be SORE!  I guess 7-8 weeks of resting and lying around, the body isn't used to moving and grooving!  I was careful, but MAN I was sore and stiff by the time I was ready for bed.  Like I said, apparently, I didn't realize just how "active" my lifestyle really is??  

Anyway--energy level is average today.  Nothing too exciting but I think it's due yesterday's "high".  

Gearing up for round 3 tomorrow.  Actually....trying not to think about it.  I HATE being POKED WITH SHARP OBJECTS!!  I may miss my "new BFF", Ann, but I must say that the whole getting "plugged" in for chemo, I Will NOT!  YUCK!  Almost there, almost there, almost there....  (as my sweet friend Renee, a fellow runner, says:  WE CAN SEE THE FINISH LINE!!  YES!!  WAAAATTERRRR!!  WATER! WATER! WAAAATTTER!  Maybe by October I will be up and running ???  One can hope, right!?!?

Hope yall enjoyed a great weekend!  The rain was a nice break from the miserable heat, eh??  

Blessings to yall!!


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  1. can't wait for you to be running again too! we need to plan a group run celebration when you are ready to just might inspire me to clean out my closet-it's on my "to do" list for this summer! prayers for tomorrow! eye on the finish line