Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another great day, people!  I have TONS of energy and I feel really good!  So thankful for a good day.  I have actually been working on organizing and cleaning out my closet (going through TOOOOOOO MANY CLOTHES!!  It's quite sinful and shameful!)  Had to stop for a break, so I decided to fill you in....aren't ya glad?  ;0)

Enough with this 100plus heat already!  Sheesh!  It's so miserable!  Because I have spent my summer indoors I absolutely canNOT stand to walk outside lately!  It's hard to believe that typically I spend every weekend on a ball field in this HEAT!!!   AND RUN I N IT!!  (Ready to get back into the swing of things!)  WOW!

It was 7 weeks yesterday I had my surgery and I as of this Monday I will be at the halfway point with chemo.  YAY!  Won't be long until I (we) start school.  I am expecting to return to school/work along with many other friends and teachers in August.  I am not expecting to miss much school.  If my doctor keeps me on this 2-week schedule my last chemo will land on the week of July 23.  That should give me about 2 weeks to "recoop" and be ready to go!  

Praising the Lord for another great day! 

Blessings to yall!!


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