Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Offically halfway there ladies and gents!  Can I get a WHOOOO WHOOOO!!??!?  Day and night 2 of hospital.  Usually stay 3 nights and head home on Thursdays.  So far this go 'round has been pretty decent.  I haven't had side effects like I did last time.  The nausea was THE. WORST. last go round!  This time has been kinda like my first round.... God is good, people! 

School starts back next week for teachers and sadly, I will not be joining the offical back to school day.  I should return at the end of September, beginning October.  Gotta put my health first and foremost but MAN!  I suuuure am gonna miss everyone!  Summers are always great but I am always ready to start school in August too.  Love what I do!  ;0)

Tomorrow is Wednesday.  Hope everyone has a wonderful one!  Hey!  You workers are halfway through your work week!  See?!?  A positive in every day, folks!  Gotta run....



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