Friday, July 6, 2012

It was an EXPERIENCE, that's for sure!

Well, went to clinic today for a 4-6 hour infusion of antibody.  Needless to say,  the minute it hit my system, I was a-running to the restroom.  Once I got back to  my seat, called nurse over, she shut it off immediately and gave me some anti=nausea meds and some benadryl.  WHEW!  THAT WAS MUUUUCH BETTER! 
We got started at 10 and I walked out at 3.  Hoping next time, doctors and nurses will know what I can handle and maybe get the anti-nausea med started sooner??  Not to mention I will know when to call the nurse and what to "look" for as far as that "not so good, I don't feel like myself" feeling...first time..... definitely an experience.  Ugh....

Monday will start round 3 of chemo.  Almost there, almost there, almost there....

FRIDAY TODAY!!  I know all of you non-teachers are thrilled for the break.  Hope yall have a fantabulous weekend!! 


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