Sunday, October 21, 2012

Life is Good!

I am still amazed that "people" are "amazed" by what I do and how I am doing .  I have said it from the very beginning of this curveball of life and I will continue to say it and believe it:  God has got me in the very PALM of His hand and I am under His Divine Protection.  He is my PROVIDER and my STRENGTH, in HIM I will find PROTECTION and STRENGTH.  After all, He tells us in His very Word:  I can do ALL things through CHRIST who STRENGTHENS  me!!  From the crown of my head to the soles of my feet I am believe Him and am putting my faith and trust in HIM.   

I am up to about 3 miles of running now (can I get a whoop whoo!!!)  There are good days and bad, as anytime, with training or trying to build stamina, no matter where you start!  BUT....I have a NEW PARTNER!!!  Yes, yes and I am SOOO EXCITED to have her!!!  My very best bud, Kim, has decided to take up running too....wooooHOOOOO!!!  Our dear ole Scott would be ALL OVER this!  He used to pick on her unmercifully about running but GUESS WHAT, BUDDY!?!?  SHE'S DOING IT!!  We do miss him terribly....

I got GREAT news from my oncologist this past week!!!  He told me I am doing "so great, no side effects, and no major issues", that he is going to "knock back your MRIs from every month to every OTHER month.  I don't see the need for a monthly MRI at this point.  Nothing is showing up."  PEOPLE!!!  CAN I GET AN AMEN?!?!?  AAANNNDDD.....HE TOLD ME I COULD HIGHLIGHT MY HAIR AGAIN!!!  WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO  LIFE. IS. GOOD!!!  So, I made an appointment with my girl for 8:00 this past Saturday morning and I am BLONDE AGAIN!!  YIIPPPPEEEEEE!!!  (it really is the little things in life!!  ))

Anywho....I check into the hospital this Wednesday after school.  I am trying to remain positive and keep good thoughts about what's headed my way.  Any extra prayers are GREATLY appreciated!!  I am anxiously awaiting the words:  "You don't need any more chemo".  I am praying and believing I will hear these words MUUUUCH sooner than intiallly planned.  Afterall....I haven't been a "textbook" case with this lymphoma from the beginning. (But we all knew this to begin with, right???)

Have a blessed week!  Keeping thoughts and talk positive!!

Until next time,

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Life is GOOD!

This has been the BEST week!  I have run 5 days in a ROW and did it WELL!  WOOOHOOOOOOO!!  I feel amazing and I look forward to the upcoming week.  Life seems to be returning to normal (baseball is over for the year). 

Today has been a great day.  Started off with a morning run, grocery store, and then....sit down and brace yourself.... I COOKED!!  HA!  I'm not talking just some little thing, people!  I'm talking about:  buffalo dip (hey-it's FOOTBALL SEASON!!), a big pot of vegetable soup, and not 1, but TWO chicken pot pies!  Yes, folks, E is feeling her Wheaties these days!  :0) 

I hope yall are enjoying this AWESOME fall weather!  If you're not:    GET OUTSIDE AND ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN!! 

Anywho...have a fabulous Sunday!

Until next time,