Sunday, July 29, 2012

Where, oh, where has our summer gone?! 

I mean, REALLY???  This summer (despite all that has gone on) has FLOWN BY to me!  I guess the ole sayin' about time picking up speed with age is true....we will all be Christmas shopping and decorating before too long!  YIPPEE!!! 

Enjoying some family time before school cranks up and we get back in the swing of things.  Sure missing our lake time this year....oh well, something to look forward to next summer, right?? 



Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Offically halfway there ladies and gents!  Can I get a WHOOOO WHOOOO!!??!?  Day and night 2 of hospital.  Usually stay 3 nights and head home on Thursdays.  So far this go 'round has been pretty decent.  I haven't had side effects like I did last time.  The nausea was THE. WORST. last go round!  This time has been kinda like my first round.... God is good, people! 

School starts back next week for teachers and sadly, I will not be joining the offical back to school day.  I should return at the end of September, beginning October.  Gotta put my health first and foremost but MAN!  I suuuure am gonna miss everyone!  Summers are always great but I am always ready to start school in August too.  Love what I do!  ;0)

Tomorrow is Wednesday.  Hope everyone has a wonderful one!  Hey!  You workers are halfway through your work week!  See?!?  A positive in every day, folks!  Gotta run....



Saturday, July 21, 2012

Today I am missing just hanging out, laughing, talking, and visiting with girlfriends/friends.  I think many are afraid to call or stop by because they think I am resting or not feeling well.  I am feeling GREAT!  I know I am battling cancer, but I PROMISE I feel like the ole Em everyone knows (and yall know I will tell you if it's a "good" day or not to visit).  I just can't soak up the sun, lay around the pool, run a couple of miles, or have a shopping marathon.  Many have called the hubs and inquired about me.  PLEASE don't be afraid to call me or text me!  ;0)  If I don't feel like talking, I won't answer and will call back later.  ;0)  I hope my "teacher friends" will remember me if they go eat lunch or dinner for back to school!  I miss yall! ((think I need a change of scenery?  We typically take a couple of road trips during the summer... not this year!  GRRRRR))

Went to see Ice Age with the youngest today.  We laughed and laughed!  "Granny" is the BEST character!  Cute, CUTE show!  I want to see the Amazing Spiderman.  I typically don't like a "super-hero" kind of show  but THIS one looks pretty cool. (Plus, I love Emma Stone!  She was GREAT in The Help)  Any reviews on Spiderman?? 

Anyway---hope yall are enjoying your weekend!  Round 4 on Monday! 



Friday, July 20, 2012

What to do...what to doooo....

Let's face's that time of summer when you know the end is quickly approaching and we're all a little "bummed".  Typically I am working in my classroom at this point, obsessing about things that really don't matter in the end, I am and I haven't TOUCHED the FIRST thing in my classroom!  A.MAZING.  LOL

Today I went to the school to "scope out the situation" and I must say to the sweet ladies that packed my room up :   WELL DONE!!!  CAN I HIRE YOU FOR THE END OF THIS COMING YEAR?!?!?  WWOOOOOWWW!!!  I called one of my fellow teachers and told her yall definitely deserve a HUGE pat on the back.  I honestly don't know how I am going to repay yall!  Now.....I just have to get in there and unpack and set up the room.  :0)  Thank you ladies!!!  You're amazing!!!  I love yall!!

Today has been another great day!  Feeling great and energy level is up.  Ran a few errands today.  (Got me the COOLEST pair of tennis shoes today.  NEON pink!  ***swoon***)  The bambinos were in tow as well.  They actually let me "shop" without complaining!  WOOOHOOO!!  Score one for MOM!  :0) 

Monday starts round 4 for chemo.  Halfway there!  (really and truly this time)

Blessings to all!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Today's Rambling

Nothing new going on my way.  I feel really good, energy level is up, but I AM getting a little cabin fever.  The summer is quickly coming to an end and with school around the corner, I am ready to get into my classroom and "put it together".... only....not this year.  I can't just go in and "dig in".  I am going to have to rely on someone else to move the heavy stuff and THAT, my friends, is a little frustrating.  I am such an independent person.  I also know that it will take a couple of turns and set ups for me to "like" the way my classroom is set up.  (All of my "teacher" friends will understand what I am talking about.  Yes, room set up is VEERY important to us!  ;o)  )

I had the antibody treatment yesterday and tolerated it excellent!  No reaction this time!  YIIPPEEE!!  I also had an MRI done and it looked great!  YAAY!  God is good, people!! 

Head back for round #4 on Monday.  This puts me at the halfway point of chemo at this time.  Yay!  Chemo STINKS!  But God has been so good to me.  Once I am home from the hospital, I feel as much like myself as I can at this point in the game.  My children and family see me up, talking and laughing, and THAT is important! 

Hope yall have a great day! Weekend is around the corner!!



Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nothing new, really.....

Nothing new to talk/blog about these days.  I feel pretty good.  Energy level is typical ... nothing too exciting.  Watched the youngest play his first World Series game today.  (We lost miserably, but I am so thankful I was there to see him!)  I am O.VER the t.v.  NOTHING good to watch! Any suggestions on some good red box movies would be greatly appreciated--just keep in mind I do NOT watch horror.  :0) 

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!  Won't be too much longer until school cranks back up.  Sheesh!  Time has flown--despite the circumstances! 



Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ants in his pants..

Anyone that knows my husband knows that he is slightly (and that's putting it lightly) ADHD!  Today, the sweet man has ants in his pants!  The doctor came around yesterday morning and said my levels were looking pretty good and he was expecting me to go home Thursday (today).  Well....good ole "Pete" has been banking on that since 8:00 yesterday morning.  Needless to say, hubs has paced, texted, emailed and whatever he can do to pass the time, but  he is SOOOO RESTLESS!! 

Anyway---just wanted to touch base with yall.  Nurse just called and said they were going to discharge me today.  YIIPPPPEEEEE!!  So I am headed home ASAP! 

Hope yall have a great day!  Mine has just been made!!!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Today is a new day!

I had a chemo treatment yesterday.  Actually, they started it at 10:30 Monday night which ran until 2:30 Tuesday morning.  Ick, is all I have to say.  There is nothing more miserable than waking up to that "chemo" sickness.  Anyone that is reading this and has had cancer with chemo treatments  knows what I am talking about.  Nausea is OFF. THE. CHARTS.  and you simply feel CRUMMY!  Right before I started chemo my daddy (who is a stage 4 bladder cancer survivor of 6 years!  whoop whoop!) said to me "Em, there will be days that you simply DO. NOT. CARE. ABOUT. ANYTHING!  I MEAN:  NOTHING!   And that's okay because those days will pass."  Boy, was he soooo right! "Chemo" days, this ole gal doesn't care about ANYthing!  It's all I can do to carry on a conversation.  I told my husband that I am soooo not used to this "sick" feeling.  I can count on ONE hand how many times I have actually been SICK in my lifetime---praise the Lord!!  BUT!!! 

I woke up feeling refreshed.  I slept 6 hours last night (which is truly something in the hospital as the nurses must come in every hour to check my vitals, give me meds, etc..., etc...)  :0)  Nausea is near to none and I have some energy!  Thanking the good Lord for answering our prayers. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the "break" from the CUH-RAZY heat we've had lately!  I'm hoping I MIGHT get to go home tomorrow and enjoy some of it. 

3 down, 5 to go!!



Monday, July 9, 2012

My HUUUGE Mistake

Soooo.....I was COMPLETELY wrong about the "rounds" of chemo I will be taking.  APPARENTLY yours truly will be taking not 4 rounds, but 8 rounds which takes me through the middle of September.  I was having the best day today!  I haven't been anxious, nervous, etc, etc...all of those "good" ole feelings one tends to get when they're back for  more chemo, until BAM!  The doctor walks in.  And somehow he mentioned the "8 rounds" and I was like...."Whoa!  Wait.....4 rounds, right?"  Again, (this poor man probably thinks I am a complete LUNATIC) he had to go through the whole rick-a-ma-row of "my" chemo. ( as a side note---I reallly DO love my oncologist and think he is great, but sometimes I don't understand the "big" vocabulary)

Soooo....almost halfway there,  almost there, almost there, almost there....instead of mile 11 I am now back at mile 10 thinking, WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO!?!?  BUT!  I know that God will renew my strength each and every time and that He never leaves me nor forsakes me.  He knows my heart is absolutely breaking but I know He  is going to carry me through this event. 

So, again...I ADMIT I WAS WRONG AND COMPLETELY MISUNDERSTOOD! (In all reality, it ROCKS. MY. WORLD. to have to go to the cancer clinic.  Once I am there, I think I kind of "zone out".  It's not intentional.  I just try not to "think" so much when I am there. GET IN. GET OUT.  Those are my thoughts)

Blessings and keep the prayers-a-coming!!


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Today is another fantastic day!  I am a little "stiff" from all of the "work" I did yesterday (which DRIVES ME UP. THE. WALL!!!)  I am a pretty active person who apparently has taken a lot for granted in the whole body department. 

Yesterday I woke up fairly early, so by 7:30 a.m. I was ready to do SOOOMETHING/ANYTHING!  You know that feeling??  I think it's called CABIN FEVER!!  ;0)  I had mentioned that I wanted to clean out my clothes/closet so the hubs says:  "I'll help you.  Let's start now!"  I JUMPED at the chance/opportunity for the help and activity!  Needless to say, it. is. SHAMEFUL. at the amount of clothes I have....uh....HAD! All that work though, I didn't think I would be SORE!  I guess 7-8 weeks of resting and lying around, the body isn't used to moving and grooving!  I was careful, but MAN I was sore and stiff by the time I was ready for bed.  Like I said, apparently, I didn't realize just how "active" my lifestyle really is??  

Anyway--energy level is average today.  Nothing too exciting but I think it's due yesterday's "high".  

Gearing up for round 3 tomorrow.  Actually....trying not to think about it.  I HATE being POKED WITH SHARP OBJECTS!!  I may miss my "new BFF", Ann, but I must say that the whole getting "plugged" in for chemo, I Will NOT!  YUCK!  Almost there, almost there, almost there....  (as my sweet friend Renee, a fellow runner, says:  WE CAN SEE THE FINISH LINE!!  YES!!  WAAAATTERRRR!!  WATER! WATER! WAAAATTTER!  Maybe by October I will be up and running ???  One can hope, right!?!?

Hope yall enjoyed a great weekend!  The rain was a nice break from the miserable heat, eh??  

Blessings to yall!!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another great day, people!  I have TONS of energy and I feel really good!  So thankful for a good day.  I have actually been working on organizing and cleaning out my closet (going through TOOOOOOO MANY CLOTHES!!  It's quite sinful and shameful!)  Had to stop for a break, so I decided to fill you in....aren't ya glad?  ;0)

Enough with this 100plus heat already!  Sheesh!  It's so miserable!  Because I have spent my summer indoors I absolutely canNOT stand to walk outside lately!  It's hard to believe that typically I spend every weekend on a ball field in this HEAT!!!   AND RUN I N IT!!  (Ready to get back into the swing of things!)  WOW!

It was 7 weeks yesterday I had my surgery and I as of this Monday I will be at the halfway point with chemo.  YAY!  Won't be long until I (we) start school.  I am expecting to return to school/work along with many other friends and teachers in August.  I am not expecting to miss much school.  If my doctor keeps me on this 2-week schedule my last chemo will land on the week of July 23.  That should give me about 2 weeks to "recoop" and be ready to go!  

Praising the Lord for another great day! 

Blessings to yall!!


Friday, July 6, 2012

It was an EXPERIENCE, that's for sure!

Well, went to clinic today for a 4-6 hour infusion of antibody.  Needless to say,  the minute it hit my system, I was a-running to the restroom.  Once I got back to  my seat, called nurse over, she shut it off immediately and gave me some anti=nausea meds and some benadryl.  WHEW!  THAT WAS MUUUUCH BETTER! 
We got started at 10 and I walked out at 3.  Hoping next time, doctors and nurses will know what I can handle and maybe get the anti-nausea med started sooner??  Not to mention I will know when to call the nurse and what to "look" for as far as that "not so good, I don't feel like myself" feeling...first time..... definitely an experience.  Ugh....

Monday will start round 3 of chemo.  Almost there, almost there, almost there....

FRIDAY TODAY!!  I know all of you non-teachers are thrilled for the break.  Hope yall have a fantabulous weekend!! 


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bright Eyes

Well, the hubs has certainly made my day.  He came in for lunch from work.  As we were talking, he interrupted me to say:  "You look REALLY good today!"  I replied "thank you", he said :"  No, like .... REEALLLY  GOOD!  You have your bright eyes back today!"  --- with stuff coming at me like that, makes me want to push even harder!  I knew I got up feeling really good again today.  This has been a good week.  I texted my BFF and told her I think my "hump" from surgery is over.  My energy level is returning and I have slight cabin fever...MUST BE RECOVERING TO THE GOOD OLE EM!!  WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!! 

It will be 7 weeks on Friday since my surgery.  Gearing up for round #3 on Monday! 



Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2nd post of the day...yeah, yeah, yeah.....

I know, I know....two posts in one day....all I can say is:  I am a slightly bored!  Today has been a really great day in the energy, feeling good department!  I just wished I was able to do the normal things I like to do in the summer, like LAYOUT BY THE POOL!!!  LOL 

I've thought a lot today about my situation and how quickly it all happened AND how quickly the treatments have gone by (THANK. THE. LORD!)  as I gear up for round #3 on Monday I am thankful that this is almost over, I am MOST thankful for what God has done for me.  I have talked to many people lately who are in the hospital for one reason or another or have dealing with some kind of sickness or just going through a hard time.  Wherever you are, whomever you are reading this, I want you to know:   His word tells us He never leaves us, nor forsakes us---even through all of the chaos I have been through in the last 6-8 weeks, I have had such a peace.  A peace that ONLY the Lord can give.   I have so much to be thankful for the blessings He has bestowed upon my family and me.  Has this been easy?  No.  Do I know it's going to be okay?  Absolutely!  He told me from the beginning I was and I have truly held on to that !!

 Thank you for your encouragement, prayers, calls, and texts.  Please continue to lift me up as I wage this war.  If my doctor keeps me on this 2-week schedule of chemo, looks like I should be hitting round 4 the week of July 23rd!  WHEW!  (almost there, almost there, almost there.....)  I am ready to be finished with the whole chemo thing. 

Hope everyone enjoyed a safe and happy 4th of July!  Until next time:  blessings to everyone!!!


Happy 4th of July!

Okay....soooo....I MISS MY FRIENDS!!  We always get together to watch the fireworks at our house, grill out, kids run around, swim, dance, whatever....not. this. year.  UGH!!!  They're all at the BEACH!!  GRRRRRR   ha ha  I MISS YAAAALLLL!!!!

I really haven't thought much about the 4th as far as the "celebration".  I haven't really cared about doing much, hanging out, going anywhere, etc....But TODAY.....TODAY IS A GREAT DAY!!!  I woke up feeling reeeeeeealllllygood!  :0)  The hubs took the oldest to play golf.  The youngest and I are just sitting around.  I would actually like to "organize" any of yall do that ?!  Typically,  summer is my time to "declutter" and catch up on what I have neglected from August - May.  I had big plans to declutter and organize our attic this summer....hmm....too hot for me to do THAT though.....what to do, what to dooooo!! 

Anyway...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AMERICA!  We truly are blessed to live in this land!  I hope everyone has a great day and remember to BE SAFE!!!



Tuesday, July 3, 2012

God Showed Up Again!

So today, I was scheduled (or so I thought) to have a 4-6 hour infusion at the cancer clinic for some type of antibody that's supposed to "work well with your chemo"....well....I have "kind of" shared with a few friends and family members just how anxious I become when I        A.  go to the clinic        and      B. have to get STUCK!  EEEKKK!  (Never realized I was SUCH. A. BABY!!!???) evidentally had not put the order through to the treatment center as he wanted to "lay eyes on ya and talk to see how you were and have really been feeling"....YAY!!  SOOOO,......home again, home again....noooo treatment today!!  I head back to clinic on Friday for the infusion.  Prayers!  Oh yeah, I feel fine these days.  Thanking the good Lord for this!  All of my "numbers" look great too.  Again:  All praise goes to the Great Physician!! 

Today is another good day.   I don't know about yall, but ...MAN!!!  THIS HEAT IS AWWWFUL!!  I mean....SEEEERIOUSLY!!!!  Bet we won't be going to outside recess until October with this heat the way it is, doesn't seem to be slacking or going to slack any time soon. 

Well, hope everyone has a FANTASTIC 4th of July!  Guess we'll be watching the fireworks in the front yard!  ((the youngest can't WAIT!  LOL ))

God bless you guys!!


Sunday, July 1, 2012

I'm amazed that you're amazed...haha

It's funny to me....this whole a way, I guess..  Yes, I am "sick", yes, I have had brain surgery, yes, I am in the throws of chemo (which STINKS, by the way), but it tickles me whenever I see people.  The statement seems to be : "Woow!  You look GREAT!" I am amazed that YOU are amazed?!  I guess because I am ever expecting the best of this situation and reality is most people see/think/feel the worst?  Please do NOT take this personally...I just want people to know that truly, TRULY I believe God has me in the very PALMS OF HIS HANDS and good WILL prevail from all of this!  It is up to me to make the most of what I've been given and how I move forward.   Also---as a side note---I will be returning to work in August.  I think there are some rumors flying around that I won' the best of my ability, I will be there.  I might not have the "umph!"  I usually have at the beginning, but rest assured...I KNOW it will return! 

Anywho...another good day!  Thanks for all of the prayers!  Please keep 'em a rolling! 

Blessings to all!!! 

Well....home again, home again, jiggity-jig!  WHEW!  LOOONG WEEK!!  I don't know WHAT I was thinking!  I guess I was hoping for the best of getting out of the hospital sooner than expected.  Fact is:  I am taking STRONG. CHEMO. and need to be watched closely.  I guess I just thought: "numbers look good, I'm going home!".  Oh well...I would MUCH  rather be safe, right?? 

Needless to say, I have had 3-4 "good" days.  I have felt like myself for the most part:  no nausea, achy, fever...PRAISE THE LORD!  And I say Praise the Lord in the most sincere way!  He is my Provider and my Healer.  Keep the prayers -a - comin' please! 

I can't BElieeeeeve July is upon us!!!  WOW!!  Seriously....summer is FLYING. BY!  I don't know about your kiddos, but mine seem to always be on the move!  I am thankful for great friends and family that have helped with them.  I really don't know how I am going to repay everyone! 

Well, Happy Sunday, Peeps!