Monday, July 9, 2012

My HUUUGE Mistake

Soooo.....I was COMPLETELY wrong about the "rounds" of chemo I will be taking.  APPARENTLY yours truly will be taking not 4 rounds, but 8 rounds which takes me through the middle of September.  I was having the best day today!  I haven't been anxious, nervous, etc, etc...all of those "good" ole feelings one tends to get when they're back for  more chemo, until BAM!  The doctor walks in.  And somehow he mentioned the "8 rounds" and I was like...."Whoa!  Wait.....4 rounds, right?"  Again, (this poor man probably thinks I am a complete LUNATIC) he had to go through the whole rick-a-ma-row of "my" chemo. ( as a side note---I reallly DO love my oncologist and think he is great, but sometimes I don't understand the "big" vocabulary)

Soooo....almost halfway there,  almost there, almost there, almost there....instead of mile 11 I am now back at mile 10 thinking, WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO!?!?  BUT!  I know that God will renew my strength each and every time and that He never leaves me nor forsakes me.  He knows my heart is absolutely breaking but I know He  is going to carry me through this event. 

So, again...I ADMIT I WAS WRONG AND COMPLETELY MISUNDERSTOOD! (In all reality, it ROCKS. MY. WORLD. to have to go to the cancer clinic.  Once I am there, I think I kind of "zone out".  It's not intentional.  I just try not to "think" so much when I am there. GET IN. GET OUT.  Those are my thoughts)

Blessings and keep the prayers-a-coming!!


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