Saturday, July 21, 2012

Today I am missing just hanging out, laughing, talking, and visiting with girlfriends/friends.  I think many are afraid to call or stop by because they think I am resting or not feeling well.  I am feeling GREAT!  I know I am battling cancer, but I PROMISE I feel like the ole Em everyone knows (and yall know I will tell you if it's a "good" day or not to visit).  I just can't soak up the sun, lay around the pool, run a couple of miles, or have a shopping marathon.  Many have called the hubs and inquired about me.  PLEASE don't be afraid to call me or text me!  ;0)  If I don't feel like talking, I won't answer and will call back later.  ;0)  I hope my "teacher friends" will remember me if they go eat lunch or dinner for back to school!  I miss yall! ((think I need a change of scenery?  We typically take a couple of road trips during the summer... not this year!  GRRRRR))

Went to see Ice Age with the youngest today.  We laughed and laughed!  "Granny" is the BEST character!  Cute, CUTE show!  I want to see the Amazing Spiderman.  I typically don't like a "super-hero" kind of show  but THIS one looks pretty cool. (Plus, I love Emma Stone!  She was GREAT in The Help)  Any reviews on Spiderman?? 

Anyway---hope yall are enjoying your weekend!  Round 4 on Monday! 



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