Tuesday, July 3, 2012

God Showed Up Again!

So today, I was scheduled (or so I thought) to have a 4-6 hour infusion at the cancer clinic for some type of antibody that's supposed to "work well with your chemo"....well....I have "kind of" shared with a few friends and family members just how anxious I become when I        A.  go to the clinic        and      B. have to get STUCK!  EEEKKK!  (Never realized I was SUCH. A. BABY!!!???)  Anyway...doctor evidentally had not put the order through to the treatment center as he wanted to "lay eyes on ya and talk to see how you were and have really been feeling"....YAY!!  SOOOO,......home again, home again....noooo treatment today!!  I head back to clinic on Friday for the infusion.  Prayers!  Oh yeah, I feel fine these days.  Thanking the good Lord for this!  All of my "numbers" look great too.  Again:  All praise goes to the Great Physician!! 

Today is another good day.   I don't know about yall, but ...MAN!!!  THIS HEAT IS AWWWFUL!!  I mean....SEEEERIOUSLY!!!!  Bet we won't be going to outside recess until October with this heat the way it is, doesn't seem to be slacking or going to slack any time soon. 

Well, hope everyone has a FANTASTIC 4th of July!  Guess we'll be watching the fireworks in the front yard!  ((the youngest can't WAIT!  LOL ))

God bless you guys!!


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