Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mind over Matter

Today I am reminded of why I actually started running consistently.  A few years ago our little family was hit hard by sickness.  My daddy was diagnosed with stage 4 bladder cancer, hubby's daddy was diagnosed with psorosis of the liver ((never drank--but a BAAAD diabetic)), hubby's mom not in good health, AND the birth of our precious baby boy #2....all within a year's span.....stress is putting it lightly.  I remember feeling one January afternoon that I was about to "lose control".  I have run off and on throughout my 20s and 30s but never consistently---unitl that moment.  I looked at hubby and said "I have to get out of here.  I'm going to run.  I will be back soon."  Now, keep in mind this day was a gloomy, cold, wintery afternoon with chance of precipitation.  Well, after about 15 minutes into the run, the snow began.  It snowed and snowed and snowed!  I. Loved. Every. Minute. Of. It!  I felt such a release I couldn't explain--probably from the exhaustion off all of the above.  When I got back from those few moments of running, I felt like I had a clearer mind and my sanity once again--a since of renewed spirit.    Something happened that day---a spark was ignited---I.  was.  hooked. 

I hear people say all the time "Oh, I am NOT a runner!"  or "I can't even do half a mile!" I guess when push comes to shove, we all could say we "can't" do something.....until we are pushed to the brink.  I always tell those people it's "mind over matter"---I truly believe that.  It IS mind over matter.  I had to clear mine that day and I instantly felt the change. 

Today---with all the changes I am facing with my job---I am reminded of why I began running.  Sometimes you just have to "get away" for a few minutes.  Running is my outlet.  Good day of running or bad day of running.  Love my running!!! 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Is it the heat or WHAT?!

So I hit the goal of 4 miles today, but I am really frustrated with my running these days.  Before school let out for the summer, I could easily run for 4 straight miles....I was in great shape, but these days....UGH!!!  It is all I can do to get in 2!!!  So. Frustrating!!  Sometimes I think my Garmin is a hendrence too.  I keep checking my pace (which is AWFUL, to say the least!) every minute or two.  I'm so distracted by my pace that I can't keep moving.  Maybe I will leave the watch at home tomorrow and see what happens??? 

On a completely different note.  Common Core.  Common Core.  Common Core.  (insert huge sigh here)  Common Core.  Common Core.  Common Core....THIS ladies and gentlemen is what is on the mind of many of your teachers these days.  If you are a praying parent please lift us up.  Things are a- changing again and it can be overwhelming at times.  Although teachers don't "work" in the school building in the summer time does not, by any means, mean we don't "work".  Countless hours at home and elsewhere whether it is in a meeting at another facility, a restaurant with fellow teachers planning, or someone's home, we are working.  So, if you haven't done so lately, hug a teacher and let 'em know you are praying for them.  We surely need it! 

Fund something in the works.  I will be selling Scentsy for our team, His Grace Girls, expecting a phone call or an invite or something!  :0) 

Hope you guys are stayin' cool. I'm gonna say yesterday was the hottest day we've had thusfar for our summer.  Even the "breeze" was hot!  ICK....I'm a fall and spring weather girl these days.  The older I get the more of a fan of cooler weather I become! 

Well--a quick shout out to my few fellow followers.  I appreciate your support on this endeavor you have agreed to take on with me.  I hope it helps keep me accountable! 

Stay cool and hydrated this week! Remember to hug your teachers!!  ;0) 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I want to start off by saying I have been blessed by having a very special daddy.  I often think, unknown by him, about how much my daddy means to me.  I am the woman I am today because he and my mama instilled such deep values in me. He was a driving force in pushing me, no matter how hard, to keep going and never give up.    I truly believe I can do anything I put my mind to because of that.  I can remember playing basketball in Junior High and High School, listening for encouragement or advice from my daddy.  Even today I want my daddy at my "sporting events".   I have always looked to my daddy and I STILL call him when I am in a "crunch" and need help!  He hasn't failed me yet!!!  So daddy, if you are reading this I LOVE YOU AND AM SO GLAD YOU ARE MINE!!!  God truly does have us in His hands!   HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! 

I also want to wish my hubby and Happy Father's Day!  I have truly been blessed with a man that puts his children and me first.  I believe we are a team with parenting and we will win!  HAHA...  I can already see the admiration in our young sons' lives and how they look up to their daddy.  You really do take your role of being a father seriously and I am so thankful for that!  I LOVE YOU and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! 

Now....let's talk about yesterday's run.............yeah.................huh......not. a. good. run.  I just could NOT get over that wall yesterday!  I knew it when I got up, unfortuately.  I felt like I had been hit by a truck!  I hate days like those!  I finished with  a 7 mile run.  Not great--but better than none.   Well, onto a new week.  I took the day off, as I don't usually run on Sundays.  I hope the rest helps for tomorrow's run.  Hope you guys have a great week!  Stay cool and hydrated people!!  It.  Is.  HOT!!! 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another day, another accomplishment....right?

GRRRR....I detest running in the summer.  Fall is my favorite time to get those miles in BUT if I'm planning on doing the "mack daddy"--need to start now, MAN, though, it. is. tough!  Hit 7 today and it. was. not. pretty, ladies and gentlemen!  But, it is done. 

I was fired up to hear from a fellow co-worker by email telling me she has been training for a 5k.  KEEP IT UP, SIS!!!  I am so proud of you!!!  Best advice???  It really is mind over matter....always....don't forget that.

Anyway--off to watch the bambino play some baseball.   Whew!  Gonna be a hot one.  Stay cool and be safe!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Can we say: OB. SES. SION!?  If you are ever in a need of an "idea" for a "gift" for it is.  I. LOVE. RUNNING CLOTHES!!!  My "Sole Sister" and I talk about how giddy we get by simply walking into a sports store of any kind (preferably Dick's), walking over to the women's running section and an instant rush overcomes us!  If I am in need of some motivation to get moving--a meer walk through the workout clothes at Target gets my mind to racing....seriously....OB. SES.SION!!!  I mean, there is just something about putting on a new "uniform" that sets the tone for your run.  Don't believe me?  For all of you that have kiddos that play sports, think about the first time that tee baller or ball player puts on that uniform.  He or she thinks they are  invinsible!!   Same thing for the Sole Sisters!!   Buy us a new "uniform" and we. are. un.stoppable!    Soooo....I totally bought the neon orange top and white shorts with the stripes.  LOVE. THEM! 

Miles logged this week thus far:  Monday:  can't remember off the top of my head, but at least 4 
                                                 Tuesday:  4.56
                                                 Wednesday:  5.75

So far, so good.  AAANNNNNDDD NO shin splints!!  WOO WOOO  The stretching seems to be working.  I'm so bad about not stretching before or after my runs.  You would think one would learn her lesson....hhmmm???

On a different note, heard from an old friend this week.  Literally months that we haven't talked.  It was so good to hear from her, makes me wish we lived closer....I think I could convince her to become my running  buddy as mine has gone MIA since school let out.  Imagine the song from HeeHaw of long ago--where oh wheeeere has my true love gone? why did she leave me here all alooooonnnneee----remember the tune?  Only---"  WHERE OH WHEEEERE HAS MY ASHLEY GONE?  WHY DID SHE LEAVE ME HERE ALONE TO RUUUUUUN????  If you see her---encourage her to keep on keepin' on and help a sista out

OH!  ONE MORE THING BEFORE I LEAVE BLOGLAND....I am SO excited to tell yall about what happened to me this week!!!  :0)  I am in a week long conference for school. Long story short, the speaker had us write down any job we could have other than teach, our name, grade and school we teach.  Well, as we are walking around looking for a partner (when he said stop, we had to high five the person closest to us and read our card about ourselves) he called "stop". I stopped, introduced myself, and began reading my card.  I explained I would like to be in some type of social work.  My partner lit up light a Christmas tree!  She said, "NO WAY!  ME TOO!"  as I began explaining to her that fundraising was also something that truly interested me, she said "GET OUT! ME TOO!" make a long but EXCITING story short, she ended up being a high school teacher in my district that is going to help with my "cause"!! We are going to implement this in our classrooms and "communicate" someway/somehow.   I. Am. Pumped! 

So I leave you today, feeling excited, giddy about the future, and if you could see me, maybe a little jump with a clap/clap!  YAAAAY!! 

Happy Wednesday!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Marvelous Monday...

Well--I took Sunday off---afterall, Sunday IS a day of rest, right ?!?  After logging in to 26 miles this week--I needed it.   Anyway, I could totally tell my legs were rested and they actually responded today...haha...but MAN!  STILL fighting these stupid SHIN SPLINTS!!!  I. Am. So. Frustrated!!!  Those of you that know me well, know how I am when I get something in my head.  I so want to run this full marathon this year and I don't want anything to deter that. It's hard to "rest" or "take it easy" when there are so many miles to go. 

This morning's run was ugly but I got it done.  It took me 2 miles just to loosen these ole calves out.  Shin. Splints. STINK!!  I'm beginning to wonder about my shoes......

I STILL haven't heard from my "Sole Sister".  I did finally text her and tell her I need to be held accountable with our running.  She doesn't realize it, but trying to keep up with a 20 year old physically can be mentally draining...haha...but WAIT!!   Ohhh.....never mind.....

My goal this week is to shoot of a long run of 8 miles and nothing less than 4 miles each day....we'll see...."Run, Forest, Run" is playing in my head.

On a different note:  I have had a few people committ to sponsoring me in the St. Jude marathon.  YAY!!  I have signed up as a HERO and have a $750 goal to meet.  Still so much to do to get it all organized.  I'm thinking our team shirts are going to be neon pink or neon orange.  I want our team to stand out.  :0) 

Do you have any suggestions for fundraising??? 

Have a Maaaarrvelous Monday!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dedication or Stupidity?

Not sure what I was thinking at 2:30 this afternoon....I didn't get up again this morning to run ((GEEEZ, WHAT is my PROBLEM!?))  but attempted to "make it up" this afternoon.  Needless to say, it was a COMPLETE BUST!!!  Halfway through I wanted to stop in someone's yard and use their waterhose.  I have a waterbelt, but cool-mama here, didn't take it.  Again, WHAT IS MY DEAL!?!?    I get so caught up in the mindset that I don't take care of my body.  Crazy, I know, but those of you that run know that it is a slight addiction and a bit of a personal challenge.  "Can I get this done?"  "Am I tough enough?"  -- again--dedication or stupidity???

Friday, June 10, 2011

It. Is. HOT!!

Let me just start off by saying IT. IS. HOT!!!!  MAN!  And we haven't even hit those fun months of July and August.  It's hard to endure the heat, but I know in the end it will be worth it! 

I actually slept in this morning, which is unusual for me.  I like to get up--get my run in then enjoy my day but today my body was like "WHAAAT!?!?  NO WAY, LADY!!"  Anyway--got up, took C-man to VBS and had eventually talked myself into a "quick" run.....yeah, right!!!  I now remember WHY I go early morning or late evening!  WHEW!  That sun is DRAIIIINNING!!!  The run actually proved to be productive in that I have been suffering with shin splints and actually ran into a "friend in high places".  She showed me the CORRECT way to stretch the FULL leg and body and let me just say, WOW!  What  a HUUUUGE difference with my run today!  Thank you Amy!!!  YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER!   (If you have never experienced shin splints  be so thankful!  These babies can feel like sharp knives scraping the front of your shins)   Got in 4 miles....not really thrilled with myself, was shooting for 5, but with the combination of the heat and my leg issues I can say it's better than nothing. 

Next week I am going to hit it hard with my St. Jude donations.  Last year was our first year for Team Emma and I have huge dreams in where I want this to go.  So many of us have either known or know someone that has battled this dreaded disease and St. Jude is one of those places that holds a special piece of my heart.  It's awful enough to know, see, and watch an adult fight cancer but to know that those babies can't understand....I don't know, just tugs at my heartstrings.  I hope you will find a moment to look us up at  you can search for me or His Grace Girls--either way--we would LOVE for you to help!

Well, so far this week I have logged in 22.63 miles....woooooohooooooo!!!  Gotta keep on, keepin' on (as my dear friend, Nini always says!)---to think I will be running a whopping 26 at one time is a little intimidating, overwhelming, and exciting all rolled into one.  I hope my enthusiasm stays!  HA! 

Well--hope you guys all have a FANTAAABULOUS FRIDAY!  We're off to watch the bambino play a little ball tonight  whoop whoop!!! 

And Sole Sister???  WHEEEEERRREEE AAAAAARRRREEE YOOOOUUUU??????  I wanna see some numbers!!!  How many miles this week??

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day One...

WHEW!!  FINALLY!!! ......

HEEELLLOOOO BLOGLAND!!  This has already been QUITE an adventure!  ((Ever true to my life story--those of you that know me, know how there's always something!!))  I am excited to introduce to you my first ever attempt to blog....wish me well.....not too technical, here.  The purpose of this blog is to journal Team Emma, now called His Grace Girls, training and fundraising attempts for one of my FAVORITE things to do during the year..... the ST. JUDE MARATHON WEEKEND!!!  If you have never attended or participated in this weekend event in Memphis, let me just say you really should.  You will leave there a different person.  I love St. Jude because a.) a dear friend has a cancer survivor at the ripe old age of 7 and b.) they don't turn ANY family away whose child is suffering from this dreaded disease.

 From time to time, my "Sole Sister"  in running will also post her attempts in this endeavor we will share together. We have been running together for about 5 years.  (Love that girl!!)  We have endured highs and lows and have encouraged each other to "keep going!!!"  I hope you guys will come back and check on us now and again....LET''S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!