Saturday, August 27, 2011

Come on out! The weather is perfect!

OH MY!  Ever have those mornings where you just KNOW it's gonna be a great day!  Well, welcome to MY morning!  Woke up at a bright and shiny 5:45....yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is dedication at its finest.  A school teacher waking up on a SATURDAY the first few weeks of school..... haha...

It was a BEEEautiful run today!  The weather is AMAZING and I wasn't having those "WHAT are you DOING to yourself?!?!" conversations with myself :0)  ((and don't say you don't have these talks know we ALL DO!)) 

Anyway--I started out at a slow pace because I knew I had to hit 9 for my long run this week.  I wasn't sure of the route I wanted to take today so I decided to just take it mile by mile....well....THAT proved to be LOVELY!  I think by taking my mind off of "I'm at mile 3, I'm at mile 4, ..."  I was simply enjoying my scenery and enjoying the moment.  Before I knew it I was at 4.5 and had to turn around.

Also--have I mentioned how much I LOOOVE Southaven in the fall?  I saw 16 or so runners and a couple of cyclists.  I love that people are out, all hours of the day and evening, prepping for the St. Jude marathon.  I love that I usually run into the same people every week too.  It's almost a way of "checking" in on your runs.  Runners are generally friendly, happy people too.  Is it the endorphines?  Who knows...maybe it's the fact that we share the same obsession therefore having some kind of connection???  I don't know, I just know that I LOVE Southaven in the fall!

Off to watch the eldest play a little fall baseball....yet ANOTHER reason I love fall.  Hope everyone is enjoying their beautiful Saturday morning! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Well, mornin' all you guys and gals!  It's a glorious day to be alive!  This is the day the Lord has made, let us REJOICE and BE GLAD IN IT! 

Hit a 4miler last night and 3 this morning.  I am thankful for the ability and the strength to finish these two runs in this heat and humidity.  I can definitely see a difference in my runs now that I am not focused on forcing through it.  As I have said before, sometimes I get caught up in the timing and pace and don't enjoy my runs, and yes, I actually LOOOVE running!  It makes me feel like I have really accomplished something.  Even if it's a short run.  Running also helps me to clear my head and think straight!  There's something about being exhausted after a run and then BAM!  ENDORPHINES kick in ... and trust me .... it's an amazing feeling. 

On a completely different note.  St. Jude marathon is COMPLETELY SOLD OUT!  The half and the full......COMPLETELY sold out.  How amazing is THAT!?  And why all of a sudden?  As I was trottin' along this weekend, I was pondering that very question:  Why is it all of a sudden the marathon is completely sold out?  Wanna know my thoughts?  Biggest Loser.   I think the t.v. show Biggest Loser has opened up doors to the "marathon thinking".  Every year 12 or so contestants battle it out against their bulge and each other over a series of weeks.  The last couple of years they have started off their season with "running" a half marathon.  Weighing in at 250-500 lbs.  then they end their season with a is. amazing.  I mean, when I watch it, I think "Heck, if THEY can do it, so can I!".....who knows..... sounds good though, eh? 

Well, off to get ready for work this morning.  It IS a beautiful day!  Hope all is well with you and yours!  HaPpY TuEsDaY!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday's Run

Well friends, yes, it has been 2 days since a run, thanks to a nasty sting, but I made it.  Long run today was a mere 6 miles.  Which was pretty smooth until mile 4.  For some reason I hit a wall today.  You runners know what I'm talking about.  Some miles you're the windshield, some miles you're the bug.  Well, I worked it out and finished strong and it was a BEAUTIFUL morning.  Enjoy your weekend, Peeps!  (I'm just glad I can WALK without any pain and see the BONES in my FEET AGAIN!  WOOWOOO)) 

Happy Weekend!!  GO DODGERS!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Houston, we have a problem....

SERIOUSLY?!?!  I have been on a ROLL!!  Until.....yesterday afternoon, as I was sitting in a colleague's room after school, I got up from a desk too fast and BAM!!!!  One of the students' chairs fell on my left foot.  It instantly turned blue and has 3 deep cuts across my toes.  It hurt so bad, I honestly could NOT MOVE for a while.  I had to catch my breath.  Have you ever had that before?  The pain is so excrucitiating it makes your heart palpitate?  Well, I had that moment yesterday.  I was in SHEER AGONY!!  THEN!!!!  TO TOP IT OFF........ I'm standing at the bus line at the end of the day, waiting ever so patiently, chatting cheerfully with my friends and colleagues, when, out of the blue WHOP!!!  I stinkin' WASP nails my toe on THE OTHER FOOT!!!!  Now, most of us have been stung by wasps in our lifetime, but there are some of us that are a.l.l.e.r.g.i.c. !!!!!  ...As in THE WHOLE FOOT IS THREE TIMES THE OTHER ONE AND THE SWELLING IS CREEPING UP MY LEG!!!  I can't put ANY pressure on the foot........should prove for an interesting day tomorrow with my 27 sweethearts.  Ugh....the dreaded stomp of those sweet feet......SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE, WHAT. AM. I. GOING. TO DO!!!!!!!!  I can't even put a stinkin' FLIP FLOP ON!!!  To top THAT off, I'm quite sure I won't be running tomorrow.....GRRRRR  I HATE WASPS!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Workin' fo tha Weekend!

All right, all my fine feathered friends....sing with me now!  Workin' fo tha weekeeennnd!  You know the tune and those of us that started back to school know what I'm talkin' about!  It's not that I don't love, love, L O V E my job...but the beginning of school can be a little stressful, to say the least.  Trying to get all of those babies in a routine and learn your procedures....uuhhhh.....S T R E S S!  But let me just say, come October, life.  will.  be.  good.  I tell myself constantly:  It's not a sprint, it's a marathon.  Speaking of which...

GREAT week of running!  I love being back in a routine.  I also love knowing that I have goals for each week.  Running with a purpose.  I'm taking one week at a time these days.  Focusing on the small goals; working toward the BIG MAMA  (!!)  which is about 17 weeks away.  The long run this week was 7.  I hit it midweek, and actually did pretty well, considering....I'm hoping for cooler temps since we are mid-August.  September is when I truly notice a difference.....not to wish my life away, but WOW SOOOOO ready for fall!!!

Hope everyone had a great back to school week!  Enjoy your weekend because they go awfully fast!!!  Keep on keepin' on!!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011


Can we just say:  A. M.AZ.ING RUN TODAY!?!?  I think I have gotten so wrapped up in the "pace" and "mileage" that I have forgotten to quite simply:  ENJOY THE RUN!  Yall know that I struggle in the summer months, but I think I am so focused on "getting it done" that I am forgetting to HAVE FUN!!!   Well, not today!! 

Today also puts us at 18 weeks.  18 weeks until the "big day".  I'm currently working on email addresses, so get ready peeps!  I'll be callin' on all of yall for help in the fund raising for this amazing event!  Seriously, again, if you live close and have never experienced the St. Jude Marathon weekend --- you really should.  SOOO many supporters, survivors, families, friends, and FUN

Headed back to work today.  Please be in prayer for our students, teachers, principals, and staff this year and HUG YOUR TEACHERS!!!  They work hard "on and off the field"!