Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bright Eyes

Well, the hubs has certainly made my day.  He came in for lunch from work.  As we were talking, he interrupted me to say:  "You look REALLY good today!"  I replied "thank you", he said :"  No, like .... REEALLLY  GOOD!  You have your bright eyes back today!"  --- with stuff coming at me like that, makes me want to push even harder!  I knew I got up feeling really good again today.  This has been a good week.  I texted my BFF and told her I think my "hump" from surgery is over.  My energy level is returning and I have slight cabin fever...MUST BE RECOVERING TO THE GOOD OLE EM!!  WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!! 

It will be 7 weeks on Friday since my surgery.  Gearing up for round #3 on Monday! 



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  1. yayyyy!! love reading this and all of your posts :) So glad your week has been good!