Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Truth is:  this 2nd go round hasn't been as easy as the first.  Ugh....a couple of side effects crept up this time.  I won't go into detail but please know that they aren't anything too terrible, simply uncomfortable for me and I sooo wanted to go through this without any! 

Sleep was near to none last night which caused a long day.  Please pray that round 3 goes smoothly and I won't have any side effects of any kind.  Round 3....allllmooooossst to round 444444!!!!  YAY!  STILL STAYING POSITIVE AND BELIEVING AND RECEIVING MY HEALING!! 

The hubs has been super sweet.  I honestly don't know what I'd do without him.  He takes really good care of me.  He's just a natural caregiver. My mom says all the time that he babies me unlike anything she's ever seen!  HA!!  I tell her all of those prayers paid off!!!  ;0)   I truly believe his caregiving is a gift from God.  He takes initative and makes sure these nurses are on top of things....(poor things  haha  I'm sure there's a lot of eye rolling--I mean, if I am doing it, surely they are !  LOL  The man means well though.  Gotta love him for that!!!  )

Well, just wanted to check in.  A decent day, not as great as the first go, but anticipating tomorrow to be great!



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