Thursday, June 14, 2012

Round 1 Chemo 3 of the hospital, round 1 of  chemo and all seems to be going great!  The nurse came rushing in this morning proclaiming:  "WOW!!  You must have kidneys of a teenager!"  I said :"  Is this a good thing?"  She says:  "OH YEAH!!!  Honey!!  We checked your levels YESTERDAY and they are reading what the average person's reads on day 2 after chemo!!  You're moving on OUT!"  Me:  "It's just God taking care of me".  SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE!!!  DON'T YOU SEE??  HE'S GOT ME IN HIS HANDS!!! 

I hope to get to go home tomorrow.  We're a little bored, to say the least.  Television is AWFUL these days!!  I am amazed at the TRASH that's out there!  ICK...and there's just so much pacing one can do....

Otherwise, I feel really good.  I have AN AMMMMAAAZING NURSE!!!  She is AWESOME!!  She is taking great care of me and keeping on TOP of my meds so I don't get sick--which I have not and am not anticipating. 

I had another spinal tap on Tuesday and the results were good that came back from it.  ((Again, the good Lord took care of me--I didn't feel anything and had no discomfort afterwards, unlike before.)) 

Thanks for all who are continuing to call and check on us.  We are doing well!!  Just ready to go home!  ;0) 

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