Sunday, June 3, 2012


To "say" my life has been tuned UPSIDE, INSIDE out doesn't really do the words justice.  I have truly been ROCKED, SHAKEN, and TURNED INSIDE OUT to the very CORE OF MY BEING. 

God is so good, yall! 

The last 3 weeks have definitely been a whirlwind.  Headaches.  It's kinda crazy how my headaches (people:  not just "headaches"--I am talking:  sheer grinding, excruciating, wanting to HURT SOMETHING BECAUSE I AM IN CONSTANT PAIN headaches)  Obviously now looking back, I let them go way too long.  Being the ever-prideful, strong-woman (or so I thought)--I had the attitude of "I've got'll go away"....humph....welp....6-8 weeks of agony and a brain surgery I . am!  :0)  THANK THE GOOD LORD I AM PAIN FREE!! 

If you are reading this, I want to say:  thank you!  So many people have reached out and loved up on our family in various ways and we are grateful.  The food, cards, calls, visits...the effort is truly appreciated on a level I cannot express with words. 

My healing is coming along BEEAUTIFULLY!!  :0)  I had the staples in my head removed last week (whhoop wooo)  Thanks to my friends that sent texts asking if I was "demagnetized"---uhhh.....DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE TALKING TO?  NO!  YOU KNOW I AM MAGNETIC, PEEPS!!!  MUAH!!!  --uhh...and since we're on the subject of staples:  STAPLES!!!  IN. MY. HEAD???  SEEERIOUSLY....cuh-RAZ-Y!!!  Again:  GOD. IS. GOOD!!  The staples will defintely bring laughter down the road with friends and family for years to come, I'm sure, and in some sick kind of way:  I LOVE IT!  I am just so thankful to be here and the opportunity to life right now. 

Anyway--talk and thoughts.  These are the words that keep ringing in my head.  So much God has revealed to me on SUCH a REAL WAY.  I can't wait to share with you.  Soon. 

Until then--  LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH!!!  TRULY!! LIFE. IS. TOO. SHORT!!!

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