Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Talk and Thoughts


After surgery, many people were wanting the details of my situation.  "Was there a mass in her head?  Is it cancer?  Will she be the "same"?"....many, many questions.  Questions that I am going to be honest, I was not ready to discuss with myself, let alone, anyone else.  (no offense...)  Again, if I am being honest:   I KNOW that I am healed.  Yall...I FEEL it in my VERY INMOST of my being!  I mean:  I FEEEEL MY HEALING!  I know that this is the Lord.  I have never, EVER felt such a PEACE like I have right now.  I do not know what tomorrow holds for me, but I know Who holds my tomorrow. 

There is a song by Third Day that has been on my heart and mind :  It's Allright.  If you've never heard it, google it or look it up.  GREAT message!  Top of my Lungs is another song that resignates what's in my heart these days.  My healing and health comes from the the Great Physician. 

Now:  the title:  Talk and Thoughts....

Do you KNOW how VERY POWERFUL our EVERYDAY words are, people?!  WHEW!  Language...words are windows to our hearts.  Think about that for a moment...the things we SAY are written on our hearts and plop out of our mouths.  YIIIKES!!!  Anyone that knows me, knows I LOOOVE to TALK!!!  About ANYthing...yikes, again!  I fully believe God is working in me about my speech with this very situation.  I do NOT want to hear or be around any negativitiy.  I am trusting that God is guiding my doctors in the way that we should go.  I know that many of you are wanting the details of the "protocol"...again:  I am asking you to trust the Lord with me on HIS DIVINE direction with my doctors. 

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  1. I'm so proud to know you! I'm thankful for your healing, peace, and that you will have this powerful message to spread to all :)