Friday, June 22, 2012

Questions People Want Answered

"Are you going to lose your hair?"  "Think your hair will fall out?" 

These are two questions that my friends keep asking.  My answer for them:  I shrug my shoulders and say: "No..  I am the exception to the rule.  Haven't you figured that out yet?!" 

In all seriousness:  hair loss is a common side efffect of the chemo I am taking. Have I noticed any changes yet?  Nope.  Not anything other than where the neurologists cut a little for the surgery back in May.  Soooo....who knows if I will lose my hair. 

In my twisted way of thinking I have enjoyed looking at the wig catalog the nurse gave me for suggestions.  How FUN might it be to wear a different color and style every day!?!  Yall know that I LOOOOOOOVE red hair and have tried to achieve this look for some time.  You never know what you might see ole Em heading into work/town/fun/ with!  HAHA  Ultimately, I do not know if I will lose my hair.  Do I worry about it ?  Nope.  I can't.  More important stuff to fret over.  Now....if these CHIPMUNK CHEEKS swelling would go away completely....I would be a happy camper!  Hair or no hair....ugh. ( We don't know WHAT that is from, other than the surgery???  And possibly the medication that I was taking at the time, but not any more????  WHO. KNOWS!!! )

Anyway....I was up and about and "thinking" so I thought I'd "share" my thoughts. 
Blessings to EVERYONE!    MUUUUAH! 

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  1. We are praying for you! We added you to our prayer list in SS a few weeks ago at Getwell Rd. Methodist. God is so good all the time, praying you will see his blessings through this storm :)