Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Maybe a little clarification??

So, I think I need to help clarify what's going on with me in the "chemo realm" these days.  Several people have called or texted soooo....here goes:

June 11th was my first round of chemo.  There were set to be 8 rounds of this every 14 days.  2 weeks ago my oncologist told me once this initial phase was finished (which is the week of Sept. 17th), I would have 11 more months of chemo once a month.  Yes....another year of this.  :0/  All I can say at this moment is:  I have trusted God through the last 4 months and I will continue to trust in His way.  Is this easy?  No. But I will not give up and my attitude will remain the same:  I am healed and I believe He has me under His wings of protection. 

I am shooting for the end of September to return to work.  I look forward to this as it will be routine and normalcy in a way (although I would make a GREAT stay at home mom and housewife!). 

I hope everyone had a great long weekend.  We laid low and had a good visit with my little brother and his family. 

'Til next time!!


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