Friday, August 31, 2012

Harder than I thought

So I started walking/jogging this it vain of me to say that I SOOO appreciate the shape I was in before say, December 2011?  WOOO WEEEE!!!  It's TOUGH starting at ground zero, people!  I have a totally new appreciation for people that are just starting out.  Although I am thrilled to be walking/jogging again, I am also a little frustrated.  2 miles is hard!!! I have to keep reminding myself that I am just starting back from a pretty "rough" time off...just keep swimming, just keep swimming, la la la la la laaaaa (can't you just hear Dorie from Finding Nemo right now?  You're welcome....  ha ha) 

No new news this week.  I had a pretty encouraging biweekly appointment with my oncologist, or maybe it's just that I know these 14 day chemos are coming to a close?  yippeee!!!!

Hope yall have a great Labor Day weekend!  Be safe!! 


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