Sunday, September 9, 2012

Busy, Exciting Life

Well!  Let me just tell you:  the past week has been an "exciting" one in our little ole family!  ;0)

We will be celebrating a wedding this upcoming spring!  Fun, FUN!  My cousin (although he's more like a little brother than a "cousin") and his sweet fiance have set a date in March.  Definitely something to look forward to! little brother and his crazy friends went alligator hunting.  Yes....I said ALLIGATOR HUNTING!!!  Initially, my reaction was : you're stupid.  WHY would you INTENTIONALLY  put yourself in HARM'S WAY for a few minutes of "A THRILL"!?!?  But now that they're all safe and sound and's kind of cool (in a twisted kind of way).  I haven't actually talked to him about his whole "experience" but I have seen pictures.  Quite frankly, that may be enough for this big sister (especially since I STILL tend to be slightly overprotective of him). 

Anywho....back to school in 2 weeks and I can't. WAIT!  So ready to meet and get to know my students and get in a "normal" routine.  Our lives have been "slightly" turned upside down, inside out and the "normalcy" is a welcome to this family. 

Have yall been outside today!?!?!?  Holy MOLY It. Is. AMAZING!  I can't WAIT to get out in it and watch the youngest play some baseball.  :0) 

Happy Sunday to you and yours!  May you have a blessed week!! 

Until next time....

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