Sunday, August 5, 2012


LET ME TELL YOU....I WAS SOOOO BLESSED IN MY CHURCH SERVICE TODAY!!  I was so overwhelmed that I had tears flowing all during the service.  It's like God was talking RIGHT to ME!  WHEW!  He is SO GOOD, people!!  Everything from the worship music to the preaching....loved. it! 

I head back in to the hospital tomorrow for round 5. I am praying that all goes well and there are minimal to NO side effects!  Tomorrow is also the first day of school for students.  We should all pray for the teachers and students as they enter into a fresh new school year.  I pray that God would guide the teachers and give each one wisdom as they navigate so many young lives on a daily basis.  I also pray that the Lord would quicken the students' minds, nerves be calmed, and they would have an ear to listen.  May God bless each of yall reading this!!!

Have a great week!!



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