Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Want to wish all the teachers a GREAT and INSPIRING first day backto school today!  I sure do miss yall and I can't wait to see yall soon! 

I went to my classroom yesterday to "check it out" and I was overcome with emotion!  I work with the BEST team!  They have COMPLETELY organized and "put together" my classroom for me!  All my sweet assistant will need to do is some last minute finishes (names on desks and such) and voila!  Ready for students!  I owe these ladies BIG!   THANK YOU from the very bottom of my heart!! 

Off today for a check up at the neurologist then to the clinic for my infusion of antibodies.  Busy, busy day ahead for me!  lol 

Praying for teachers and soon to be students!  Hope yall have a FANTASTIC Monday!!! 



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