Monday, August 6, 2012


So, we're back at the hospital.  All is well so far.  Chemo got started about 6 p.m. and should finish up around 10 tonight.  Hoping to sleep through the icky feeling that seems to tag along with it all. 

There is a man here that was walking the hall tonight.  He is a triathlete.  He came in today after running 4 miles and biking 20 miles.  HOW. COOL. IS HE!?!?  Talk about determination!!!   Very inspiring! 

First day of school for all of the kiddos in our county.  All went well with ours.  I choked back tears leaving the youngest, not because I am typically at work and would be there with him, but because I wouldn't be there to welcome my children home from their first day of school.  It really IS the little things that mean so much in this thing we call life.  Don't take for granted the small moments, my friends, for time passes by too quickly!! ((Needless to say, I got a "play by play" from him about his day.  YAY!  The oldest simply said : "we had FUN, mom!".  Gotta love the difference in their personalities!))  

Monday, Monday, what a FUN day!  Hope yall have a fantabulous week!  Keep on keepin' on...



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