Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Soooo...I slept in this morning.  For whatever reason, I am unable to sleep SOUNDLY through the night.  It's QUITE frustrating as I love my sleep! I need to hit my REM, people!!  Or else, as my hubby says, I am quite difficult to deal with.  (HMPH!!  WHATEEEVER!!!  I'm PRECIOUS!!!)  Anyway--I had pretty much given up on running today as I have a meeting tonight until.....the man comes in and announces that he is going to run......WHAT!?!?!?  YOU'RE SERIOUS????   I mean, ha, I know you have been running lately, but WHAT!?!? Be OUTDONE????  I think NOT!   So, after sweetly agreeing to him going first, I waited......
This isn't a good shot, but it says 5:05 P.M..... EEEK!!!  WHAT. WAS. I.  THINKING!?!?  I'm gonna go ahead and admit that my ego got the best of me.  I mean, I was kickin' some TAIL on that first mile....the sun was behind clouds, I was rockin' to some Push It Salt-N-Pepa (yes, I am OOOOLD school!!!  Nothin' like some '80s to get this ole girl to movin' and groovin'!), I looked down and I was runnin' a smooth pace of 9:17, which is AMAZING for this broad,  ESPECIALLY with 100 degree heat index......then......the inevitable......


Needless to say, I finished with a whoppin' 2.25 miles.  Hey, I'll take it on a day like today.  Ego or not! 

Happy Tuesday!!!

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  1. LOVE this! nothing like a little friendly competition to get you motivated, huh?! I swear my hubby didn't start running until I was 10 months pregnant w/Luke-he was losing weight as I was gaining it!! How rude?!!