Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

It's really hard to believe that in a week, school will be back in motion.  I had great intentions of "organizing" my home over the course of this summer, but guess what?  SOOO didn't happen!  By the time my eldest's baseball season was over, I was unmotivated, to say the least!  I think most teachers take their summers to catch up on housework that seems to pile up over the course of the year.....not me.....not this year....oh well!  Maybe next year!

I guess it's really time to "hit it hard" with the training.  19 weeks and counting.  As I have said earlier, the training that I will do is an 18 week plan.  I'm back and forth on the freaking out of running 26 miles.  Today, I feel like a "superwoman".... I've got this thing! 

Another grand intention this summer was to organize and begin the fund raising for our His Grace Girls team for the St. Jude Marathon Weekend....uhhh...WHAT. IS. MY. DEAL!?  UGH!!!  Hopefully when school gets started I will get in a routine?  My personal goal is $750. 

Anywho...hope all of you are enjoying your last days of freedom with your children at home! 

Love to all!!! 

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