Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MIA and my excuses...

Soooo...um, yeah....I haven't blogged in what, two weeks?  And NO ONE, with the exception of ONE PERSON, even TRIED to see where I was.....hmmmm...okay, people, you're falling down on your job!  You are supposed to help keep me motivated.  HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE!!!  It. Is. TOUGH during the summer months for me.

So where have I been?  The oldest bambino has been playing ball, I have had MAJOR calf issues, and quite honestly, it is sooooo easy for me to talk myself out of running in the months of July and August.  I HATE TO RUN IN THE HEAT!!!  I can honestly say though, I ran ONE DAY on the beach          and suffered from it for about 2 days.  WOW!  What a runner I would be if I did THAT everyday!!  WHEW!!!  Not only did I run the "one" day ((big deal, right??)) but we were on the sixth floor of a condo and I walked six flights of stairs no less than 4 or 5 times a day.  CERTAINLY that counts for SOMETHING, people!?!?  Ha!

Anyway-- I counted the weeks until the marathon and it is exactly 21 weeks away.  Most of the training plans that I have looked are an 18 week plan.  I have 3 weeks to get this tail in gear.  I ran 3 yesterday and today.  MAAAAN, though, it's HOT!!  TOUGH!!! 

On a brighter note, I had another sweet person text me and tell me she and her "honey" are joining our team and running the half  WOOOOOHOOOO!!!  I completely cheesed out on her!  I'm so excited!!!  THE MORE THE MERRIER!!!  And FYI---St. Jude's Half Marathon is 75% full, so if you're gonna try it, you better go ahead and join!  YOU CAN DO IT!!!  JUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! 

Well--off to catch up on the laundry and what-not  (ick)  Hope you all stay cool.  It's brutal out there today, and it's just 9:00 A.M.  Stay safe!!!

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