Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Can we say: OB. SES. SION!?  If you are ever in a need of an "idea" for a "gift" for it is.  I. LOVE. RUNNING CLOTHES!!!  My "Sole Sister" and I talk about how giddy we get by simply walking into a sports store of any kind (preferably Dick's), walking over to the women's running section and an instant rush overcomes us!  If I am in need of some motivation to get moving--a meer walk through the workout clothes at Target gets my mind to racing....seriously....OB. SES.SION!!!  I mean, there is just something about putting on a new "uniform" that sets the tone for your run.  Don't believe me?  For all of you that have kiddos that play sports, think about the first time that tee baller or ball player puts on that uniform.  He or she thinks they are  invinsible!!   Same thing for the Sole Sisters!!   Buy us a new "uniform" and we. are. un.stoppable!    Soooo....I totally bought the neon orange top and white shorts with the stripes.  LOVE. THEM! 

Miles logged this week thus far:  Monday:  can't remember off the top of my head, but at least 4 
                                                 Tuesday:  4.56
                                                 Wednesday:  5.75

So far, so good.  AAANNNNNDDD NO shin splints!!  WOO WOOO  The stretching seems to be working.  I'm so bad about not stretching before or after my runs.  You would think one would learn her lesson....hhmmm???

On a different note, heard from an old friend this week.  Literally months that we haven't talked.  It was so good to hear from her, makes me wish we lived closer....I think I could convince her to become my running  buddy as mine has gone MIA since school let out.  Imagine the song from HeeHaw of long ago--where oh wheeeere has my true love gone? why did she leave me here all alooooonnnneee----remember the tune?  Only---"  WHERE OH WHEEEERE HAS MY ASHLEY GONE?  WHY DID SHE LEAVE ME HERE ALONE TO RUUUUUUN????  If you see her---encourage her to keep on keepin' on and help a sista out

OH!  ONE MORE THING BEFORE I LEAVE BLOGLAND....I am SO excited to tell yall about what happened to me this week!!!  :0)  I am in a week long conference for school. Long story short, the speaker had us write down any job we could have other than teach, our name, grade and school we teach.  Well, as we are walking around looking for a partner (when he said stop, we had to high five the person closest to us and read our card about ourselves) he called "stop". I stopped, introduced myself, and began reading my card.  I explained I would like to be in some type of social work.  My partner lit up light a Christmas tree!  She said, "NO WAY!  ME TOO!"  as I began explaining to her that fundraising was also something that truly interested me, she said "GET OUT! ME TOO!" make a long but EXCITING story short, she ended up being a high school teacher in my district that is going to help with my "cause"!! We are going to implement this in our classrooms and "communicate" someway/somehow.   I. Am. Pumped! 

So I leave you today, feeling excited, giddy about the future, and if you could see me, maybe a little jump with a clap/clap!  YAAAAY!! 

Happy Wednesday!!

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