Friday, June 10, 2011

It. Is. HOT!!

Let me just start off by saying IT. IS. HOT!!!!  MAN!  And we haven't even hit those fun months of July and August.  It's hard to endure the heat, but I know in the end it will be worth it! 

I actually slept in this morning, which is unusual for me.  I like to get up--get my run in then enjoy my day but today my body was like "WHAAAT!?!?  NO WAY, LADY!!"  Anyway--got up, took C-man to VBS and had eventually talked myself into a "quick" run.....yeah, right!!!  I now remember WHY I go early morning or late evening!  WHEW!  That sun is DRAIIIINNING!!!  The run actually proved to be productive in that I have been suffering with shin splints and actually ran into a "friend in high places".  She showed me the CORRECT way to stretch the FULL leg and body and let me just say, WOW!  What  a HUUUUGE difference with my run today!  Thank you Amy!!!  YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER!   (If you have never experienced shin splints  be so thankful!  These babies can feel like sharp knives scraping the front of your shins)   Got in 4 miles....not really thrilled with myself, was shooting for 5, but with the combination of the heat and my leg issues I can say it's better than nothing. 

Next week I am going to hit it hard with my St. Jude donations.  Last year was our first year for Team Emma and I have huge dreams in where I want this to go.  So many of us have either known or know someone that has battled this dreaded disease and St. Jude is one of those places that holds a special piece of my heart.  It's awful enough to know, see, and watch an adult fight cancer but to know that those babies can't understand....I don't know, just tugs at my heartstrings.  I hope you will find a moment to look us up at  you can search for me or His Grace Girls--either way--we would LOVE for you to help!

Well, so far this week I have logged in 22.63 miles....woooooohooooooo!!!  Gotta keep on, keepin' on (as my dear friend, Nini always says!)---to think I will be running a whopping 26 at one time is a little intimidating, overwhelming, and exciting all rolled into one.  I hope my enthusiasm stays!  HA! 

Well--hope you guys all have a FANTAAABULOUS FRIDAY!  We're off to watch the bambino play a little ball tonight  whoop whoop!!! 

And Sole Sister???  WHEEEEERRREEE AAAAAARRRREEE YOOOOUUUU??????  I wanna see some numbers!!!  How many miles this week??

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