Monday, June 13, 2011

Marvelous Monday...

Well--I took Sunday off---afterall, Sunday IS a day of rest, right ?!?  After logging in to 26 miles this week--I needed it.   Anyway, I could totally tell my legs were rested and they actually responded today...haha...but MAN!  STILL fighting these stupid SHIN SPLINTS!!!  I. Am. So. Frustrated!!!  Those of you that know me well, know how I am when I get something in my head.  I so want to run this full marathon this year and I don't want anything to deter that. It's hard to "rest" or "take it easy" when there are so many miles to go. 

This morning's run was ugly but I got it done.  It took me 2 miles just to loosen these ole calves out.  Shin. Splints. STINK!!  I'm beginning to wonder about my shoes......

I STILL haven't heard from my "Sole Sister".  I did finally text her and tell her I need to be held accountable with our running.  She doesn't realize it, but trying to keep up with a 20 year old physically can be mentally draining...haha...but WAIT!!   Ohhh.....never mind.....

My goal this week is to shoot of a long run of 8 miles and nothing less than 4 miles each day....we'll see...."Run, Forest, Run" is playing in my head.

On a different note:  I have had a few people committ to sponsoring me in the St. Jude marathon.  YAY!!  I have signed up as a HERO and have a $750 goal to meet.  Still so much to do to get it all organized.  I'm thinking our team shirts are going to be neon pink or neon orange.  I want our team to stand out.  :0) 

Do you have any suggestions for fundraising??? 

Have a Maaaarrvelous Monday!!!

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