Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another day, another accomplishment....right?

GRRRR....I detest running in the summer.  Fall is my favorite time to get those miles in BUT if I'm planning on doing the "mack daddy"--need to start now, MAN, though, it. is. tough!  Hit 7 today and it. was. not. pretty, ladies and gentlemen!  But, it is done. 

I was fired up to hear from a fellow co-worker by email telling me she has been training for a 5k.  KEEP IT UP, SIS!!!  I am so proud of you!!!  Best advice???  It really is mind over matter....always....don't forget that.

Anyway--off to watch the bambino play some baseball.   Whew!  Gonna be a hot one.  Stay cool and be safe!!!

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