Saturday, August 27, 2011

Come on out! The weather is perfect!

OH MY!  Ever have those mornings where you just KNOW it's gonna be a great day!  Well, welcome to MY morning!  Woke up at a bright and shiny 5:45....yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is dedication at its finest.  A school teacher waking up on a SATURDAY the first few weeks of school..... haha...

It was a BEEEautiful run today!  The weather is AMAZING and I wasn't having those "WHAT are you DOING to yourself?!?!" conversations with myself :0)  ((and don't say you don't have these talks know we ALL DO!)) 

Anyway--I started out at a slow pace because I knew I had to hit 9 for my long run this week.  I wasn't sure of the route I wanted to take today so I decided to just take it mile by mile....well....THAT proved to be LOVELY!  I think by taking my mind off of "I'm at mile 3, I'm at mile 4, ..."  I was simply enjoying my scenery and enjoying the moment.  Before I knew it I was at 4.5 and had to turn around.

Also--have I mentioned how much I LOOOVE Southaven in the fall?  I saw 16 or so runners and a couple of cyclists.  I love that people are out, all hours of the day and evening, prepping for the St. Jude marathon.  I love that I usually run into the same people every week too.  It's almost a way of "checking" in on your runs.  Runners are generally friendly, happy people too.  Is it the endorphines?  Who knows...maybe it's the fact that we share the same obsession therefore having some kind of connection???  I don't know, I just know that I LOVE Southaven in the fall!

Off to watch the eldest play a little fall baseball....yet ANOTHER reason I love fall.  Hope everyone is enjoying their beautiful Saturday morning! 

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