Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Houston, we have a problem....

SERIOUSLY?!?!  I have been on a ROLL!!  Until.....yesterday afternoon, as I was sitting in a colleague's room after school, I got up from a desk too fast and BAM!!!!  One of the students' chairs fell on my left foot.  It instantly turned blue and has 3 deep cuts across my toes.  It hurt so bad, I honestly could NOT MOVE for a while.  I had to catch my breath.  Have you ever had that before?  The pain is so excrucitiating it makes your heart palpitate?  Well, I had that moment yesterday.  I was in SHEER AGONY!!  THEN!!!!  TO TOP IT OFF........ I'm standing at the bus line at the end of the day, waiting ever so patiently, chatting cheerfully with my friends and colleagues, when, out of the blue WHOP!!!  I stinkin' WASP nails my toe on THE OTHER FOOT!!!!  Now, most of us have been stung by wasps in our lifetime, but there are some of us that are a.l.l.e.r.g.i.c. !!!!!  ...As in THE WHOLE FOOT IS THREE TIMES THE OTHER ONE AND THE SWELLING IS CREEPING UP MY LEG!!!  I can't put ANY pressure on the foot........should prove for an interesting day tomorrow with my 27 sweethearts.  Ugh....the dreaded stomp of those sweet feet......SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE, WHAT. AM. I. GOING. TO DO!!!!!!!!  I can't even put a stinkin' FLIP FLOP ON!!!  To top THAT off, I'm quite sure I won't be running tomorrow.....GRRRRR  I HATE WASPS!!

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