Friday, November 16, 2012

So I'm just going to be honest with yall and tell ya:  I am SOOO glad next week is Thanksgiving break!!  I am T.I.R.E.D lately!!  I need a break!!

There's so much going on at school this time of year that it's hard to come up for air!  We have Thanksgiving holiday, an upcoming music program for our grade (which makes the kids CUH-RAZY at school because they are out of their routine!), Grandparents' Day and then Christmas is just around the corner.  Time seems to be FUH-LING by and there aren't enough hours in the day to get things done!  And this time change?!?!  Ugh!  It's DARK so early!  Boy....I might be complaining a little today, eh?  I don't mean to be, necessarily....this is just the busiest I have been since, uhhhh...let's just say it's been a while I have had this kind of "stress"!!  LOL  and it's kind of throwing this girl for a loop!  I ran only once this week (which is okay....right?).  

I am excited to see my "whole" family during Thanksgiving this year.  My aunt and her family will be in from overseas and I have not seen her in several years (how bad does THAT sound!?!) and my uncle who is HYSTERICAL will be driving over to see all of us too.  I'm expecting a great time catching up with our family over the break.  We have SO.MUCH. to be thankful for!!! 

Well, I hope this "note" finds all of you well and I'm wishing you a peaceful and BLESSED Thanksgiving!!!

Until next time!!



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