Saturday, November 3, 2012

WHEW! October was a whirlwind!

I seriously cannot believe it is November already.  October was a mere whirlwind to me!  It's also hard to believe this whole thing that's been going on with me is taking on its 6th month....time flies when you're having "fun", right?  ;0)  You won't hear me complain though.  Although tough at times, God isn't finished with me yet and I can honestly say I am learning SOOO very much from this whole experience.  The thing that has impressed me the most: people need the Lord and just want to know that someone cares.  Even if it's a simple card, email, text, or phone call----so many people are hurting.  We live in such a fast paced, exciting life these days, I think we often think we can't slow down, but we should.  That's why we're love each other. 

I had a BUSY week at school this week.  If you have never experienced Halloween week at a school, you are REALLY "missing out".  HA!  But ESPECIALLY Halloween on a WEDNESDAY!!!??!?!?!?  I was SO. TIRED. by Friday that my body ached!  Seriously....even my assistant asked me : "WHAT have you done to me this WEEK!?  I feel like I have been in a BOXING RING!!"  (hee heee...not me, babe, not me...)  I felt the same way.  All kiddos from kindergarten to seniors in high school are totally excited about dressing up and trick-or-treating that it's exhausting.  THEEEN, you throw in all of the CANDY!?!?  Serious sugar rushes.  Of AAALL ages.  I'm just glad this week is over!  ;0)  A friend of mine said : "I just wish we could change Halloween.  I wish it was a 'set' Saturday in October.  The last Saturday of October!"  ---GIRL.FRIEND!  FABULOUS IDEA!!!  Even we parents are a weary once it's all said and done.  Onto THANKSGIVING!!!  

Speaking of thankfulness:  my next round of chemo will be Dec. 5th.  If you count it up, that's in a whopping 5 weeks....YEEEE HAAAAAAAAA I will  DEFINTLEY  enjoy my Thanksgiving break!!! 

Anywho--things are still going well.  God truly has me under His Divine Protection.  I am so very thankful for the blessings of health, healing, hope, family, and friends.  He is GOOD!!

Until next time, peeps!!


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