Saturday, December 1, 2012

Another milestone

I conquered another milestone in this season of my life today.  I completed the St. Jude 5K.  I am very pleased to tell you that my official time was 34 minutes.  (Pretty good for a girl whose body has been put through the RINGER the past 7 months, dontcha think?!?)  

I didn't cross that finish line alone either.  My awesome brother and sister-in-law never left my side (even when I had to stop and walk a minute).  Today was another emotional day for me.  Actually, this past WEEK has been emotional.  No, I do not need to take anti-depressants--it's simply part of this battle that is raging on and I think it's perfectly normal and GOOD for me to release these emotions (sorry if you happen to be the one who "sets" the tears off--it's not "you" --just quite simply the ride of this journey).

I actually think I am going to frame this year's race bib and medal alongside my last year's full, 26.2 marathon race bib and medal.  After all...these are my two marathons.  :0)  

I head back to the hospital for round #10 next week.  Last week's visit to my oncologist was a good visit.  He said my blood counts and all of my levels "look GREAT!".  Praise the Lord!!   I am so thankful and blessed beyond measure.

I took numerous pictures along the way today that I plan on posting as soon as I figure out how!  HA!  It's been a year since I've done that and I am going to have to call my sis-in-law to walk me through the process.  Not a "techi" friend that passed away this year always made fun of my lack of knowledge in this area....that's what friends are for, right?!  LOL 

Anyway--I'm off to rest and relax.  Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!  God bless you!!

Until next time,


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