Monday, November 5, 2012

Something exciting is in the air!

Exciting news, people!  I have officially registered for TWO 5ks!  Can I get a whoop whoop!!!  Those of you that know me well, know that I LOOOVE to run in races.  It's not necessarily the running, but the BUZZ in the air at a race that I love!  I love watching people warm up and seeing the comrodary of people of all walks of life coming together.   I also like to bet in my mind who's going to be the fastest!  HA!  (I'm usually surprised by who ends up with a fast time!)   

My first 5k is this weekend.  I'm amped!  I may not have the fastest time but by-golly I will have the MOST determination!  My second 5k is for St. Jude December 1st--and I can't WAIT for it!  THAT's my FAVORITE race to run during the about PEOPLE!  WHEW!!  10s of 1000s and I am NOT exaggerating!!  From the racers to the supporters,  it's incredible.  People of all ages and places come out to support this weekend event.  It's AWESOME!  I tell people all the time if you've never experienced it, you should!  At least once! 

Speaking of 5Ks, I love my sister-in-law!    I got the sweetest text from her this morning.  She told me that I had been on her mind all morning.  She was thinking about my year and the things that I have done and faced.  Ultimately the text told me that she and my brother have registered and will run the 5k with me in December.  She told me that they were going to "cross that finish line" with me this year.  This text sent me into tears.  I choked them back for a good 5 minutes!  You see, my brother and s.i.l are avid runners, so 3 miles is a mere "stroll" for them.  Crossing that finish line is a metaphor for what's going on in our family these days.  It will represent so much to us.  Not a time.  Not a percentage.  Not even a medal.  No, that finish line that we are going to cross represents perserverence to the enth degree and that no one is alone in this family.  I am so VERy thankful for the love and support of my family.  I knew we were a close knit group before all of this started, but let me tell you....there's a bond here that's hard to break, my friends!  I say it all the time and I will say it again:  I am so VERY BLESSED!!! 

Happy Tuesday!! GO VOTE!!!

Until next time,


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