Friday, December 30, 2011

Pics from the race

THIS is my running buddy.  She's my cousin, but I think we have more of a sisterly relationship.  She's my girl! (I think she's my kindred spirit.)  And, yes, although we do not live in the same city, we hold each other responsible for our runnings.  Love that girl! 

THIS is the precious reason I chose to run for St. Jude intially....Emma:  cancer free since July 2006.  (Isn't she a cutie-pie?!)  This little-mama has more SPUNK than any other 7 year old I know!  She is quite proud of her "war wound".  She loves to show people her scar.

This is my baby brother.  We FINALLY convinced him to run the half this year.  All-in-all he enjoyed his experience, but I'm not getting the feeling he quite digs the training/running like his ole sis and cuz do...  :0) 
Sooo....THIS is the beginning of the half marathon and full before the race.  Notice the "bumper to bumper" people?  It's very hard to move around, and oh. my. WORD, brace yourself if you need to use the restroom.  The lines are incredible both inside the Forum and outside at the porta-potties.  I love the buzz that's in the air--there are a couple of bands blasting good ole tunes of Elvis, there's almost a "hush" over the crowd ... obviously you have people thinking:  "WHAT have I gotten myself into?!"  (Good stuff)  I have fun this 3 years in a row now and each year I have run into someone that I had NO idea was running!  It's always fun!

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