Sunday, December 4, 2011



I totally feel bulletproof right about now boys and girls. I set a goal, I worked hard, never gave up (even when it got tough), and I ACCOMPLISHED MY GOAL!!!  YEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAW! 

So many people have asked or commented on "how" I did it.  Well, to be quite honest with you, I a.) had SOOOO much family support and b.) did not or would not allow negative thoughts or comments about this race. 

My husband--my husband could not have been more supportive.  He never once complained about the training.  In fact, if he thought I was about to talk myself out of running, he would push me out the door.  (Doesn't get much better than that!) 

Many people have wondered "why" I wanted to run a marathon.   I say:  "WHY NOT!?"  Those of you that know me well, know that I love a good challenge.  I started running (really running) about 5 years ago and I have simply stepped up the challenge over the years, I guess.  My parents would say that I was a bit on the "strong willed" side,  therefore, once I put my mind to something, by golly--it's gonna get DONE!!!  This marathon was defintely an example of my "strong willingness". 

I just wanted you folks to know that yes, she set her mind to it, and yes, she accomplished it! I will be back later to fill ya in on the "details", as I have pictures --- yes, I was the goober that ran with her phone using a fannypack and would stop to snap shots.  I loooove this race and always try to take it alll in! 

Happy Sunday!! 

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