Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011, really almost GONE!?

My oh, MYY how FAST time flies when you're having fun! 

Sooo, I was rewatching The Help last night (really, if you haven't watched this movie, YOU'VE GOTTA GET IT AND SEE IT!) , relaxing and what-not, when my mind started's that time of year again:  goal setting.  Yes, I am actually one of those goobers that likes to set a goal and strive for it throughout the year.  I have several bouncing around in my head:  begin a journal, healthy eating (seriously, not just "diet" I am not getting any older), tri-athlon, and....the big whammy....get. my. master's. degree.  Whoa!  Heavy goals, huh?  Well, like I said:  I ain't gettin' any younger, folks!  ;0)

I began running again this week.  First time since the marathon.  Boy, have I missed that pavement!  I think that's why I have been a little grouchy these days....I NEEED to run and exhert some of this  ENERGY! 

Christmas was fantabulous this year!  I hope you and yours enjoyed time with your families and friends.  2011 has defintely taught me we are not guaranteed tomorrow with loved ones.  Don't take ONE day for granted.  And to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! 

I guess I'm closing for today.  May you find peace, love, happiness, and HEALTH for 2012. 

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