Sunday, November 6, 2011

To Abandon or Not....THAT is the Question!

Last week's "long" run was to consist of 14 miles.  14 miles, you may think would be a "breeze" at this point, but for me yesterday, it. was. BRUTAL!!  About mile 5, I thought about quitting.  I couldn't get a stride, a breath, or a good thought.  My body was simply not responding like it has been and I was QUITE frustrated, to say the least.   I mean, one would think at THIS point in the game 14 miles would be an easy run.      NOOOOT!!!  Thankfully I have a friend would has run a marathon before so I texted her.  I asked her if she had ever abanoned a run.  Her reply :  "YES!  And I was FURIOUS with myself!" ---- soooo, the obvious answer for me to quit:  "HEEECK NO!"  We continued to text back and forth for about 4-5 miles (which kind of took the pressure off of the thought of running because I "had" to stop to text!  HA)   THEN, the phone rang, and of COURSE  I had to answer it.  Another friend, another mile--yeeehaaaw!!  Before I knew it, I was at 10 miles and there was NO WAY this ole gal was quitting with a measly 3 miles left.  I mean-heck-I have been running 3 miles for 15 years.  I. Got. THIS! 

So--to abandon or not?  For me, it's a personal challenge that I wish to conquer.  26.2 miles is a looooooong way to run and I completely accept my role to condition this body and mind for that run.  Do I abandon my 14 miles?   answered lies within.  Absolutely not--running is a parralel to life.  Life isn't always easy.  We make choices that sometimes come with consequences, NOT EASY consequences. Things happen that ma y cause us to want to quit.  But we must perservere.  Winners cross that finishline!  Ultimately, we are left with looking at ourselves in that mirror of life.  I want to see myself as a winner.  Ultimately, we are all dealing with some kind of challenge in life.  Will you abandon your run? 

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