Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tapering Off

Well, we are almost there with less than 3 weeks to go until the "big" day.  I am starting to get really excited as the St. Jude Weekend is one of my FAVORITE things to do during the calendar year.  I'm telling you, EVERYONE should experience the 5k, Half Marathon, Full Marathon, the Family Fun Run, or simply stand on the sidelines cheering on the thousands of runners--it's unlike anything I have ever seen!  The supporters are A-M -AZING!!! 

 It can also be a very emotional run.  Unfortunately many of us have seen the devastating disease of cancer rock someone's world that we love so very much. I have personally walked through this too many times than I care to share.  My daddy is a stage 4 bladder cancer SURVIVOR and as of this upcoming year, will be 4 years CANCER FREE!! This year, as I cross that finish line, I am sure I will also be reminded of a very special guy that is proving that he is a fighter and is overcoming this horrible disease. 

My run this year represents a fight or a battle that so many families are dealing with even as I type this.  I believe in the Power of Prayer and the fact that God gives men and women wisdom and courage to help so many people combat this disease.   We have come so far in science and technology but we are not finished yet. 

 As I have pushed myself through this (sometimes grueling) training process to prepare my mind, body, and SPIRIT (!!)  I have often been reminded of the pain and helplessness these families must feel as they trudge through treatments and uncertainty.  I know our contribution is just a drop in the bucket, but to all of my supporters and donators who have helped raise funds for this powerful cause--I thank you and appreciate you! Thank you for being someone's HERO!!!  LOVE TO YOU ALL!!

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