Thursday, October 13, 2011


Seriously!!!  Today was tough!!!  Ran a beautiful 8 miles Tuesday but today was a whoooole other ballgame, people!  I think I was tired.  In fact, I KNOW I was!  I couldn't sleep last night and was up for about 3 hours---don't underestimate the power of sleep.....sheesh

Only a few short weeks out from the big day.  Today, I am nervous.  Did any of you watch/hear about the Chicago Marathon?  One woman was 9 months pregnant and smooth finished her 26.2 .  I'm not sure of being in awe of her or thinking she is a complete idiot...but hey--who am I to judge, eh?  She finished.  She. Is. Woman! 

Anyway--I have 16 looking at me this week.  Hope they go better than these last 4 did.  Wish me luck!!! 

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