Thursday, January 5, 2012

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...

SeRiOuSlY!!!  NEEED to get motivated!!!  I simply have not done ANYTHING since the race.  I mean, what's up with that!?!?  Grrrr....not in the least bit motivated to get this tail in gear either.  I'm hoping that next week will bring some new inspiration from......soooomewhere.......annnnnywhere!  I think 2012 will bring along some good times, goals, and friends to connect with on the pavement.  Maybe after I get moving my girls and I will get it together to meet to run.......hmmm....maybe, right?  ;0) 

Anywho....good news on my bud today.  Surgery is not going to happen at this time, gonna hit it with chemo first.  Yay.  Did I mention my daddy is a STAGE 4 BLADDER CANCER SURVIVOR!?!?  YEP!  Goin' on 5 years this year.....walking miracle.  That's what his onocologist calls him.  I'm praying hard that our friend will be a WALKING MIRACLE!!!! 

Well, tomorrow is Friday.  FRIIIIDAY, people!!!  And, did I mention my baby is now 6!!!   SIX!!!!!  He's sooo much like his mama, by the way.  He has told anyone that would listen, may they be at school, or in a restaurant, or at a store, he was announcing it was his birthday.  We have celebrated all week.  Yep.  Just. Like. Me.  (poor kid--ha!) 

So I'm still working on getting more pictures of the race.  Sometime soon.  Maybe. No, really, I will!  ;0)  Stay tuined!  More to come! 

Have a great weekend, yall!   MUAH!!!

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