Monday, September 12, 2011

Yep--feelin' good!

Yep--hit my long run this week feelin' pretty good.  I only had 7 ahead of me, which was probably why I was feeling easy.  The sun was out with a slight breeze and it. was. beautiful!  I'm so glad those heat index days of 100+ are behind us.  My lungs are appreciative too, needless to say!  My brother and sister-in-law ran with me.  My brother....sheesh....SOOOO NOT FAIR!!  He seemed to get those "good" genes of a high metabolism PLUS he's not. fair.  My SIL did AWESOME TOO.  She  had my sweet nephew back in April and she was kickin' some tail running!  I was QUITE impressed!  She ran 4--which is amazing!  KEEP IT UP, GIRLY!! NEXT YEAR YOU'RE RUNNIN' THE HALF !!!!

Hit 6 today for a "mid-run".  I like to spread those longer miles out.  The rest of the week will only be 3, but come Saturday, we're looking at a 12 mile stretch.  YIKES

One thing that helps with these long runs is the Garmin Santa brought me this past year.  It frees me up to run a wider terrain.  One thing about it, I can run one way half of the miles and know that if I turn around, I've gotten all of my miles in.  Sure love that silly little computer....not sure how I managed without it all of this time! 

Still taking it one step at a time, one day at a time, one week at a time....keep on keepin' on, boys and girls!!! 

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