Saturday, October 6, 2012

Life is GOOD!

This has been the BEST week!  I have run 5 days in a ROW and did it WELL!  WOOOHOOOOOOO!!  I feel amazing and I look forward to the upcoming week.  Life seems to be returning to normal (baseball is over for the year). 

Today has been a great day.  Started off with a morning run, grocery store, and then....sit down and brace yourself.... I COOKED!!  HA!  I'm not talking just some little thing, people!  I'm talking about:  buffalo dip (hey-it's FOOTBALL SEASON!!), a big pot of vegetable soup, and not 1, but TWO chicken pot pies!  Yes, folks, E is feeling her Wheaties these days!  :0) 

I hope yall are enjoying this AWESOME fall weather!  If you're not:    GET OUTSIDE AND ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN!! 

Anywho...have a fabulous Sunday!

Until next time,


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